Filter & Water Housings

Vessels are the long black tubes that resemble a Torpedo.

They are meant for Longevity of 12 or more years. Are great for home applications.

Media is the filter material that is put in the Vessels for filtration. When it is said they want to re-bead a vessel they want to change out the media. There is a lot of different kinds of Media that can go in a vessel to filter all kinds of stuff. Also some are layered in special ways with different kinds of material. Media can be very complicated or as simple as just sand. We sell sooners with media vessels and re-bead vessels for folks.

Sizes of Filter Housings

4 inch - 20 inch aka: Big Blue

4 inch – 10 inch

2 inch – 20 inch aka: Slim Line

2 inch – 10 inch

Size of filter housing depends on application and longevity of filters. A 4-20 big blue filter housing works well with Hole house applications. A 2-10 slim line Filters housings work well for less water usage. A 2-20 or 2-10 work well for point of use under counter sink applications. Each filter housing Size can hold either a sediment Filter or a Carbon.

Filters: there are 3 kinds of Filters

Polly: filters have the look of Styrofoam tubes, their benefits are that they can hold up in extreme Pressure, and they are a disposable. There are many kinds of size’s but also micron ratings. Some poly filters will have the larger outer portion be 50-25 microns while the inner core is 5-1 micron. This allows the filter to have one portion do a lot of work on one size of particulate while another works on finer particulates. Other poly filters can be Spun wound like a Tube of yarn. A 4-20 Polly Sediment filter sells for $34.95

Pleated: filters have the look of many ribs of paper Sheets. The benefits to pleated filters is that they can be taken out and rinsed out with a hose, so they are reusable. The down side is they are fragile and do not holed up in extreme amounts of pressure. Some customers have stated that their water is better with a pleated filter. a 4-20 pleated sediment filter sells for $42.95

Carbon: Filters have the look of a woven Mesh or net around them. Carbon filters are Fantastic filters they can filter sediment and (POLISH) the water. Carbon filters help to reduce any bad taste or order from water. When using Carbon filters it is best to have two filter housings placed next to each other. The longevity of a carbon filter is low if used as a sediment filter. If put after a poly or pleated filter, this will extend the life of the carbon filter and allow it to continue to (POLISH) your water. A big blue carbon block sells for $71.95