Water Diagnostics & Testing

When it comes to water Testing and diagnostics. Clean Water works with the best.

It is standard in the industry that water treatment specialists work with a licensed water testing Lab. The equipment and licensing is very expensive for a water testing lab of high quality.

Clean water services offers a free water test.

For bacteria tests, arsenic, and the Whatcom shortlist, we do testing throw Exact-Scientific. PH: 360-818-2978

One common problem is folks come in and ask us if we “test for water?” We say: “ya we have a free water test, what exactly are you looking to test for?” and they say everything. That answer will not helped us determine the problem and they just ordered $400 worth of water testing and don’t know it.

Clean water services free water test, tests for:

 TDS : Total dissolved Solids.

PH : how acidic the water is.

Hardness : amount of dissolved Stone/metals, how effective soup is.

Iron : orange staining on fixtures and build up in pipes

Manganese : a natural Metal that makes black staining, found with iron Nitrates 

Fertilizers and pesticides Tannins : a tea like color created by water Leafs and organic material

Alkalinity : is the measure of bicarbonates in water, they are corrosive to Brass, Zink, copper and aluminum.

Because the free water test costs us labor and Materials we do not like to test for things we do not haft to. That’s why when we test for water we like to find out what they are looking to test for and give them their options.

Water Testing throw Exact-Scientific


Bactria Test $ 35 : when most folks are concerned about their water the main thing we want to test for is bacteria that is the first and major thing what will be harmful or make folks sick. Bacteria is expected from ground surface water and shallow wells typically down to 30 feet and up.

Arsenic Test $ 40 : arsenic is a naturally occurring compound found only in western states, is also a byproduct of Mining and is abundant in Washington states Ground water. Arsenic is a poison and is known to cause cancer, and damage the kidney, bladder, liver, lung, and other organs.

Whatcom Shortlist $ 200 : The Whatcom shortlist is mostly for Building permits. The Whatcom Shortlist tests for - Arsenic, Barium, Chromium, Cadmium, Lead, Silver, Selenium, Sodium, Chloride, Nitrates, Mercury & turbidity.