Water Filtration Systems

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Clean water services has the best Water Treatment professionals for the past 25 years in Whatcom county.

Systems Reverse osmosis AKA R/O: r/o’s are the best water Treatment system man has invented. Ro’s Filter water down to .002 Microns. A micron is the size of the tip of a human hair very small. R/os can be installed under a sink for a Tap or larger for a whole House. No matter what kind of water you have an R/0 will remove 90-98% of particulates in it.

How reverse osmosis works - a 3 step filtration system.

  • Step 1: Pre Filter: a Pre filters purpose is to remove as many particulates as possible, sand, and other small bits in water.
  • Step 2: Carbon Filter: a Carbon Filter helps Alter the chemistry of the water taking out Chlorine, and other elements that would affect the taste or Oder of water.
  • Step 3: The Membrane: the past two steps has been to prepare the water for the membrane. The membrane is an extremely Fine Filter that takes the water Filtration from 1 micron to .002. A membrane acts like a wall that separates un-treated water filtered down to 1 micron, from water that is treated down to .002 microns. In order to do this the water going throw the membrane must be under a few hundred pounds of pressure psi. If pressure is increased the rate of water flow is increased but the amount of particulates that make it throw is not. This means more pressure better filtered water.

Kinetico’s K5 Unit – an under counter R/O The k5 is a very nice system, it has the sleek looks of a computer, and holds 5 spots for cartages. There is a wide variety of 10 cartages possible for a k5 unit. See the Pick in attached Email for more info on K5

The Link below describes a lot about the kinetico Brand that is a sales pitch of why kinetico is awesome.